Friday, 19 November 2010


After many attempts at  trying to set up a website that would cost little and be easy to manage, I finally decided that I needed a simple web presence – one I could add to and edit really easily and would do what I needed it to at this time. So I have set up this blogspot and I have a specific use in mind for it, which is twofold:
Firstly, I want to digitally archive some images of my performances/installations from 1997 – 2009.
Secondly, I want to track my current PhD research by making simple entries about current thinking/reading. I’m not sure quite how the entries will take shape beyond the fact that each time I archive images from the past I will make an entry about what I am  researching presently. So the double function takes the form of two strands of research – one from the past and the other in the present. The revisitings of past performances/installations will be archived chronologically from 1997 onwards. Where will the resonances/crossings be between past and present research? What happens when the past meets the present?

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