Monday, 28 February 2011

visiting: a tiny void

In that moment - just after the life inside the show has ended, and just before life outside the show has started again - we realise a dual capture has occurred, an arresting in motion, on the way to an unknown destination, after departure and before arrival. A gap arises between the show we have made and the show that has made us - a tiny void. Does this void constitute the possibility of grace? The possibility of poetry? 

(Matthew Goulish, 'Eight Memos on the Creation Process of Goat Island's When will the September roses bloom? Last night was only a comedy'. When will the September Roses Bloom? Last Night was only a Comedy, Part One: Reflections on the Process. Chicago/Zagreb?. Goat Island and Frakcija, 2004/5. Print.)


  1. Hey there, so I've listed your blog on mine, so time to re-start! thanks for your comments and let's stay in touch!
    "Somewhere in Transition"

  2. Hi Julia,
    I have at last got back to my blog and PhD research, although I have been involved in related work I haven't been looking directly at it for a while!
    So I have managed to add you as a link,
    Best to you and New York,